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At a Glance:

Tim Callahan is an author and award-winning journalist.
He finished a novel on the media and government , "Death of the First Lady." It entertains as well as teaches journalism ethics and Christian apologetics (witnessing). It is available on Kindle now. You can sample the first six chapters for free and its sells for only $2.99.
He also has written three non-fiction books, including "The God of the Passion: How to know if Jesus is the Higher Power."
A Vermont native, he now lives in Pawleys Island, S.C. In 2010, he started a local monthly print newspaper called the Murrells Inlet Messenger ( He closed down the paper in late 2016 as advertising is going digital. However, from his work at the paper, Callahan won four out of the nine South Carolina Press Association awards offered associate members in 2010. He took first place for best editorial and first, second and third place for best feature story. In 2011, he won four more awards, including third place for best newspaper publication.
His fifth book was published in September 2011, "Murrells Inlet: Memories, Memoirs and Miracles." (See the works page to order.) The book won first place from the SCPA for best innovative concept. In 2012 and 2013, he earned six more awards.
Callahan also won awards from the SCPA for beat reporting (courts) in 2006 and education, news and sports writing in 2007. He won two statewide journalism awards from the Pennsylvania Press Association, and was a Washington, D.C., correspondent for Christianity Today. He has a master's degree in journalism with an emphasis in religion writing from Regent University. He attended Denver Seminary. His Callahan's Guide has been featured in articles by the New York Times, Associated Press and USA Today.
He is a member of the Authors Guild and former member of the Religion Newswriters Association.
A former college and semiprofessional baseball player, who appeared in Sports Illustrated and coached for MLB in Ireland, Callahan is still a baseball fanatic - go Red Sox - and reads two novels a week to continue to learn the ropes.
He is married. His wife, Debbie, is a constant supporter of his writing endeavors and biggest fan. Without her, there would be no books or papers.

Author's update on new novel:

I don't know about you, but I rarely shared my faith with others. I would often pass up opportunities that God provided to talk to a friend, co-worker or neighbor about Jesus. Then I would walk away feeling guilty and ashamed.
I believed. I was excited about what Jesus had done in my life. But, something held me back.
I realized after many years that I was afraid because I wasn’t prepared. I had no confidence, confidence that comes from being – as the Bible says – ready in-season and out-of-season to give the reasons for my belief. (2 Tim. 4:1-5)
I don’t mean giving my testimony. Most non-Christians aren’t going to sit and listen to a testimony. They are, however, going to argue, debate, and ask questions. Questions I previously wasn’t prepared to answer.
However, after researching and writing a non-fiction book for people in 12 Step programs on how to know if Jesus is the Higher Power, and a fiction book filled with apologetics that is intended to inform and entertain, I am a little more prepared. And, I want to keep on learning so I can be ready in-season and out.
That is one of the main reasons for this site. For you and me to share the reasons we believe, and share our experiences in witnessing and evangelizing. Our successes; our failures.
To prepare. To be ready to give a defense. To help each other and our friends fulfill the Great Commission. (See Matt. 28:16-20.)
It is time to prepare. Will you join me? Will you help me?

Feel free to write me your thoughts, or to be put on a book alert e-mail list, at