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The God of the Passion: How to know if Jesus is the Higher Power

Written primarily for those in 12-Step programs who are searching for a Higher Power, it is applicable to any Christian who wants to learn how to defend their faith and get answers for questions like "is the Bible true?, "Is it OK to doubt","Who can believe in a loving God with all the evil in the world", "Was Jesus a lunatic, liar or Lord."

Death of the First Lady

What if the cameras were turned around on the media? The first lady leaves a note for the president blaming the media for her suicide. Her last wish is he use the media's own tactics against them and expose the hypocrites in the press. Torn between doing the right thing and avenging her death, Republican President Jack Roberts eventually succumbs to his bitterness and hires the ex-director of the FBI, Cliff Branch, to dig up dirt on the media and blackmail them during his reelection campaign. As a former journalist, Roberts convinces himself he is doing the media a favor. He is only demanding equal coverage and forcing them to do their job right.
But, the ex-director, a victim of the media over 9/11 and burgeoning alcoholic, spins out of control and murders two innocent bystanders. Secret Service agent Ron Brown discovers the media plot and murders and ends up running for his life, branded a killer and traitor by the man he risked his life to protect.
Only the fugitive agent and two unlikely allies, the president's chief advisor and pastor, can bring down the most powerful man in the world. First six chapters are free for viewing. Purchase book for only $2.99.

Murrells Inlet: Memories, Memoirs and Miracles

Real people, real stories from South Carolina that will encourage, inform and inspire anyone, anywhere.

To order a copy send $14.95 plus $2.95 shipping and handling to: Murrells Inlet Messenger, P.O. Box 612, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576.


Callahan's College Guide To Athletics & Academics in America

1984 Edition. The book is out-of-print. (See bio., Click here)

To order a used copy click here.