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Defenders of the Faith

Christians believe in a myth, madman or Messiah?

By Tim Callahan
Here are some things to consider to help you decide if Jesus Christ was the main character in a story designed to fool the masses into joining a religious cult, or truly the Son of God:
A Jewish carpenter from a cult has a special day for him 20 centuries after He died?
Why did Jesus not save himself from torture and execution and back down from his claims as the Son of God and that He needed die to repair man’s broken relationship with God? Why would He die horribly for a lie?
Why would 12 men, His disciples, allow themselves to be tortured and die for a con?
How did 12 uneducated and stubborn men run with a made up story and turn a Roman world upside down in a matter of a few years?
Why have more than 5,000 full or partial copies of Scripture been found spanning 2,000 years and yet they still tell the same stories. Why not embellish? Take out or put in? Why not spice it up? Why not downplay the bad parts?
If you were writing a book to con the masses would you include Jesus’s agony in the garden? Peter’s denial? Thomas’s doubt? Judas’s betrayal? The disciples’ fear, hiding in closed rooms after Christ’s death? The disciples thick-headedness that caused them to only really believe after they saw the resurrected Christ. (He had been telling and showing them who He was for the previous three years).
Why would Paul run with a lie and subject himself to being beaten, whipped, stoned and left for dead, chased through towns, jailed several times, tortured and killed?
Why does anybody need a Savior? People are basically good with a few bad apples thrown in, right? (Well, have you’ve kept all the ten commandments? I haven’t.)
Why does anyone have to follow commandments? Think of your town, your state, your country, your world without laws. Maybe they are for our own protection and good, not to spoil the fun.
Was the world created out of nothing? A creation without a creator? If we are all here because gases exploded in a big bang, where did the gases come from? Who made the gases?
If man is ever evolving, getting bigger and stronger and smarter, why haven’t we seen drastic physical changes in man over the last several thousand years. And why have there been more deaths in wars in the last century than in all of history combined? Is that evolving?
Finally, why is Christianity the one religion where God came down to man, and man doesn’t have to work his way to God and paradise and heaven?
Jesus did the work for us on the cross. Remember the story of the thief on the cross recorded in Luke 23:39-41? Jesus told him “Today you will be in paradise” because the dying man believed Jesus was who He said He was. The thief had nothing to commend himself to God but Jesus.
Didn’t Jesus simply say, as recorded in John 3:16: “He who believes in me shall not perish but have everlasting life”?
What if the story is true? What if Jesus was who He said He was? What if he was fully man and fully God, died for our sins, and rose from the dead?
I’ve left you something to think about.
Copyright © 2012 by Tim Callahan

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