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Defenders of the Faith


I don't know about you, but I rarely shared my faith with others. I would often pass up opportunities that God provided to talk to a friend, co-worker or neighbor about Jesus. Then I would walk away feeling guilty and ashamed.
I believed. I was excited about what Jesus had done in my life. But, something held me back.
I realized after many years that I was afraid because I wasn’t prepared. I had no confidence, confidence that comes from being – as the Bible says – ready in-season and out-of-season to give the reasons for my belief. (2 Tim. 4:1-5)
I don’t mean giving my testimony. Most non-Christians aren’t going to sit and listen to a testimony. They are, however, going to argue, debate, and ask questions. Questions I previously wasn’t prepared to answer.
However, after researching and writing a non-fiction book for people in 12 Step programs on how to know if Jesus is the Higher Power, and a fiction book filled with apologetics that is intended to inform and entertain, I am a little more prepared. And, I want to keep on learning so I can be ready in-season and out.
That is the purpose of this blog. For you and me to share the reasons we believe, and share our experiences in witnessing and evangelizing. Our successes; our failures.
To prepare. To be ready to give a defense. To help each other and our friends fulfill the Great Commission. (See Matt. 28:16-20.)
I often think that I will have 80 years to get up the nerve to talk to someone. But, I may not have tomorrow. You, or your friend, or your neighbor, might not have tomorrow. This was brought home this summer as a friend of ours died at the scene of a horrible car wreck.
We just saw her. She was in great health. She was happy. Then, she was dead.
It is time to prepare. Will you join me? Will you help me?  Read More 
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